Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today's excitement

I was sitting at the cart when a few vehicles pulled up to the fire station, people milled around a while and then both fire trucks left, sirens going. Being Semana Santa I figured it was trouble at the beach until someone said, no, walk over to the bridge and there were two fires going, one with leaping flames that could be seen easily, over by the cemetery. The wind is blowing pretty hard, out of the southeast, which means directly toward my area, so it was close it up and head home time. I didn't think it would reach here, but having been through a few big fires here, I just wanted to be home...just in case. The other fire looked like it was on the same hill that burned a couple of years ago, over by (but not next to) Costa Bonita.

Coming across the bay I could see the fire truck, the water truck and other official vehicles lined up along the road. One section by the road (where the road is right next to the water before you get to the cemetery) was still burning pretty strongly but it looked like it was under control for the most part. The other fire also seemed to be not putting out as much black smoke, and from here, I can no longer see it at all.

I don't have any 'what happened' answers. Just some advice to get as much of the dry grasses away from your houses. Having the water off isn't a help. There must be some water though, because the water truck filled up while I was still at the cart.

This is what is blowing in and gathering around my little dock...and why, even though it seems far enough away, it feels close enough to keep an eye on.'s time to do some rain dancing.


  1. i'm dancing, phil is dancing, the dogs are dancing, the cats are dancing, the bird is dancing and the fish are too.

  2. still going, but barely.

  3. There's a big cloud in the sky...a few more kicks please