Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Tonight at 8:30 p.m. is when people all over the world will be turning out their lights for one hour to mark awareness of global warming/climate change and the damage being done to our planet. I'm not sure what Susie will think if I turn out the lights in the kitchen...? Ok, I know exactly what Susie would think! But if you are someplace where you can join the hundreds of millions across the planet, get yourself ready and spend one hour without the glare of electric lights (yes, they seem glarish if you have them out an hour and then turn them on again...for a few minutes anyway).

Maybe you don't 'believe' in global warming/climate change...or that these changes are occuring due to greenhouse emissions (human made causes). That's okay. Just sit with your face next to the exhaust of your running car for that hour and see if it effects you and then we can talk about it....NOT REALLY!! OK??? Especially around here, we don't have the gasoline to spare.

Regardless of whether you accept the theory or not, it can't be a bad thing to use less energy from oil based sources: save money, less pollution, get nudged to more renewable sources of energy such as solar and/or wind power. How bad can that be? We, as a generation, whatever that generation is, are only here such a very short time, why not try to leave our air and water and world as good as possible for those coming after us? And beside that, it's fun to play in the dark!

You can watch in real time (if you have a laptop, that is, if not, look at it later) as major cities dim their lights in their local time here. And remember, if you use candles, be careful with them!


Ten practical things to do leading up to Earth Hour; check 'em out and check 'em off here. Even better, 60 fun things to do here, one for each minute of Earth Hour...yes, a whole hour! The moon is bright right now, get outside and enjoy it.

It's a great big beautiful world

Just a reminder from me and the repeat a cliche', think global, act local (that's local, not loco).

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