Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eggs, Rain & Dancing

Ok, they aren't jumbo eggs, but they ARE eggs and they are *free*. Chick Chick and I seem to have come to an understanding these days...I open the coop to feed them (who knew chickens liked shrimp peels? but they do! That and veggie scraps and rice; one of the side bennies of working in the kitchen for Susie - thanks Susie!), she jumps outside, I scatter feed and goodies. Then she hops back inside-without jumping on me-and mission accomplished! I carry away my Egg of the Day. They are happy, I am happy, no harm me.

What can be better than that? And they are very good...thanks, Chick Chick!

This morning I woke up to real clouds holding real rain, which is falling right now. It's the only blip on the radar but it's a good solid rain, much needed. It might be the only rain of the day (with the forecast saying clear), but we'll take it!

And while Emancipation Day isn't until tomorrow, I thought I'd post this early because I for one will need some serious practice if I am going to get Bomba y Plena dancing down to more than a mode of self-injury. Plus finding The Skirt. Emancipation Day is the day one learns this you may not be here but if you want to celebrate at home - and I know you do - here's how. I'd suggest a rum drink for starters.

Good luck with that! And please, make sure all of your slaves are freed!


  1. I am SO jealous of those fresh eggs!

  2. Hmmmm. A Scampi Omelet, you say?

    Please, big hugs to Pat for me.

  3. Next time you are here...I'll share!