Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've been here and there, man

First off, no whale spotting on the way over to Fajardo yesterday. Surprised, aren't we. No.

From going to the airport to pick up sisters and friends, to going to Rincon for surfing, the ferry was buzzing with people on missions. I was just looking for a landline phone and was very happy to find a stronger, better model for way less than I paid for the one that broke during phone *repairs* a couple of years ago. Maybe next time they will be free? Right now, Mr. Phone is charging up so I don't know if the phone situation is fixed or not - word was they were working on it yesterday...did they KNOW I was going to buy a new phone? I hope so (right now there are some really NICE little lamps at Econo for 6.99, just so you know - I won't care if we have the same one).

The other day I was opening the cart and came on this perfect hummingbird nest that had fallen/been blow out of a tree. Unfortunately, the egg was still in it. Unfortunate for the hummer, fortunate for me because it's so beautiful. So here is a photo before I take it over to the school for the kids to look at. The egg is about the size of a marble...


  1. Ohhhhh, MJ, buy a lottery ticket, quick! There is no juju like hummer nest juju!

  2. Huh...never heard that before, Doug. I'm already so lucky I think it would be cheating to buy a lottery ticket...

  3. that is one cute egg! and you are a lucky, lucky girl