Monday, March 29, 2010


An update from Milton on his yoga classes:

The classes are now Mon, Wed and Friday, two separate open classes at 8:30 am and now 10 am instead of 11 am. I am also available for private classes. The price for the group classes is $10 and $20 for the privates. My number is 787.539.5662. 

Now you know.

Thank you, no one else needs to let me know I was on the news on PR television (the day of the eight hour gas lines). Why didn't I know? Because it was a split second clip of me walking up the hill in town (Butiki/Superette Mayra). Naturally, my brief moment of infamy was from the rear. Enough said.

Yesterday at the cart, while chatting, Lawrence noticed this gecko on the fence. I have been through quite a few generations of geckos since I bought the cart - for some reason they seem attracted to the spot (not The Spot, of lunch and tapas fame) and I'll often see the same babies playing around there. This one was past baby stage and quite different from the regular solid colored ones. I think it's a pretty nice version. Any lizard experts out there who know anything about Mr. Dotted Stripey?

Today is Karen's birthday! Happy birthday, mi amiga! Oh, you didn't want it to be a big deal. Sorry! But I'm very glad you were born, dahling!

Lourdes and Jorge from Mini Mas are selling raffle tickets. For 10.00 you get a chance at these prizes:

Ida y Vuelta (round trip) por Air Flamenco
Estadia Cabana en Culebra Beach Rental
Buceo para 2, Snorkeling para 4 de Aquatic Adventure
Equipo de Buceo & Snorkeling de Culebra Marine Center
Transportation Acuatica a Culebrita - Luis Pena de Macujam Water Taxi
Renta de Jeep de Carlos's Jeep Rental
Certificado de 25.00 Colmado Licoreia Milka
Cena para 2 Susie' Restaurant
Cena para 2 en El Batey Restaurant

I forgot to ask when the raffle will be held but I'll get back to that. Tickets are being sold around  town, the two places I know for sure are myself and Mini Mas. Take a chance! I know I've spent 10 bucks with less possible return.

For those of you who happen to be in San Juan April 9-11, there is what sounds to be a great food and rum tasting event, Saborea Puerto Rico. Over 40 chefs, 60 plus restaurants participating, rums can that not be good? It's not a cheapie event but it sounds like it will be worth the money. One of these days/years I'm going to participate in more of this sort of thing over on the big island...plant shows, food events, festivals. Have I mentioned that before? 

From this time last year

Have a memorable Monday. Do something mischievous.


  1. Hi MJ. The lizard is a female Puerto Rico Crested Anole. The males are the larger brown lizards with a fan or crest down their back. Good shot!


  2. More info on the Puerto Rican Crested Anole...