Saturday, April 28, 2012

Culebra Dawn

Awake early, I thought I'd see if I could catch the chicks huddled up in their little night ball. But light had already started touching the sky and they were up and wandering around, quietly peeping. When I came inside they all ran over to me, hoping I'd have a treat. Did you know chickens love mung bean sprouts? Now you do. It's a great way to get some chick attention, which some of us will consider equals personal affection. It's how chicken people roll.
The sky was pink, mellow, soft, when I went into the coop. It is pretty tranquil in there, which might seem surprising with eight peepers, but somehow, the mindlessness of it is very relaxing. Maybe I'll start a Coop Therapy thing. Come sit in the coop for 20 minutes. 20 bucks. Peace out.

So then I wandered around the yard awhile. A lot of leaves have fallen off the genipa tree, literally carpeting the ground. It's pretty beautiful. I used to rake up all the sea almond and genipa leaves but this year I'm leaving them. I figure they are better where they are than in a big heap down the yard. At least that's my thinking. No one rakes a forest and if left to its own devices, forests seem to do pretty well...

New leaves coming on to the genipa. This is the female one with no fruit on it, unfortunately.
Or maybe fortunately, they can be a big one could eat that many!
By the time I looked back down the yard, there was a color riot going on. The whole world turned pink and gold. While I'm not into the color pink, it looks very attractive on the world.

Dawn changes second to second and only minutes after this, it was just another nice morning in Paradox. Zowie!

And now, a public service message from Mary Ann at Coralations.


If anyone wants to lose 2, 3, or 5lbs of ugly DIVE weights OVERNIGHT, look no further! 

The Culebra, Ocean Explorers are in need of DIVE weights for the coral farming project. 

Yes this is truly an AMAZING OVERNIGHT WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM, and if you check this out on SNOPES, it's for real! 

Why, I just donated a few lbs myself, and now I look and feel absolutely PETITE (but don't check that one out on snopes!) 

.............................also looking for old wetsuits for our skinny kids! 

Please write if you can help

Thank You   <>< <>< <><<<<<
Mary Ann Lucking
P.O. Box 750
Culebra, PR 00775  

Have a surreal Saturday! Do something full of splendor.


  1. Here, finally, we're getting some much needed rain. No walking the yard or nice sunrises here today! So thanks for sharing yours!
    I like our baby chicks too. I wish I could tell how old they were by size. A lot look barely bigger than an egg.

  2. Yay on the rain!!! If they are hardly bigger than an egg, they are probably a week to a couple of weeks old. They grow pretty quickly!

  3. What fantastic morning colors. The chicks need to meet their Uncle Dougie (oft abbr., UD). See you in a week. Best I could do was leave a message on the VM at Zacos. Hope they get it!

  4. I'm sure they will be thrilled to meet Uncle Cocky Locky. No worries on Zaco's, we'll eat there or we'll eat somewhere!

  5. Uncle who? Thanks, I think...Zack finally responded on FB. All is well!

  6. Oh dear, you don't know the story with Cocky Locky in it...well, I can fix that! And I thought of it because with all you've been through and you keep on coming out alive! you can afford to be a little Cocky Locky!

    (I know, I often don't think of things in the way other people do in these times...oh well!)