Friday, April 27, 2012

Culebra Free Range Friday - It's All About the Cheese

At almost too late o'clock, it has been brought to my attention that this is National Grilled Cheese Month. How I overlooked this, I'm not sure, but indeed, I did. The reason it was brought to my attention is through Closet Cooking's recipe for a Sweet Chili Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich. When I read the title, my first thought was about what a friend of mine would have to say about that, which would be something like "Leave my grilled cheese sandwich the hell alone!". This is much the same response I get from this friend if I suggest putting anything on popcorn other than butter and salt. In fact, dressing up simple foods is just not really an attractive option to this friend, whereas I love to play with marinades and new tastes; especially because I eat a lot of chicken and it helps me to keep liking it. So to me, this recipe sounds good, sort of like marinading chicken in my mango hot sauce, but different. No worries, friend, I will never inflict this on you. Maybe the chicken, but not disguised in a grilled cheese sandwich. I promise. 

The following was posted on facebook last night and I thought it put a lot of good things together for the world we live in, right now. Maybe it is even more Pollyanna-ish than me, but the last bit, I'm claiming, for future reference, to the next person who tells me 'I'm bored.' 

Go forth and be a force of the awesome. Do epic shit.

If you are too tired/relaxed/don't care to do epic shit, you are in good company.

Have a fiercely lived Friday! Do something fearlessly.


  1. I'm going to fearlessly opine that a sammich with several cheeses, sliced chicken, Island Woman Mango Heat sauce, properly grilled on Island Woman multi-grain bread sounds out-of-this-world. Jeebus, I'm starving now.

  2. Yesterday I read another post about grilled cheese sandwiches.....
    I need a big thick throat clogging grillled cheeese.... Bad.
    An Inch Of Cheese
    At least!

  3. Doug and Mark, I'm just hazarding a guess about what you might be indulging in this weekend...Doug, if you make that, I want pictures and descriptions! Mark, photos too!