Thursday, April 26, 2012

Home is a Good Thing

No matter whether you've gone 3 miles or 3000, for a week or a month, no matter that you've had the most wonderful time of your life off the turf of being your own total self, it is still always good to come home.

When I am gone housesitting, I still come back twice a day, to feed and play with the cat, and now the chicks. The cat was not happy that I was gone. She would turn her back, nip my fingers and be contemptuous as only a cat can be. That was then. Last night she, quite simply, quite calmly, pushed as close as she could get and stayed in bed with me the whole night through. Of course, with us, that mean until about 4 a.m.

The chicks have been moved into the big house. After an initial 'what what what' series of frantic peeps, they started exploring, checking out the new digs from corner to corner and as high up as they could jump. Until dusk, when suddenly, it was very big. Peeps of oh no! sounded as they huddled together in a corner I'd fixed up for them to do just that. The last stroke of sun quit the sky and silence. Chickens are funny that way. Of course, around here, chickens never know what time is proper to make noise, but I intend my chickens to be as the chicken god intended. Quiet in the dark. Yes.

The other day I headed down to the beach for sunset. There were a few others there, some winding up a beachy afternoon, some there for the same reason as me, to watch the sun go down, the sky go painted, the water go metallic. And it did.

Beach chair (you won't find this in Walmart)

When was the last time you played with water?
Beach moon surface
Ahhhh, there goes the sky

One last look

Another big thing happened yesterday. But I can't tell you what it was! Just kidding. You know I tell you every single thing that happens or has ever happened to me in my entire life. All of it. Including what comes out during life regression therapy, back when I was the handmaiden to Cleo (we called her Cleo, but not to her face, of course). Oops, digression alert.

The big thing is, work has started on the houseboat! It's been moved to an undisclosed location (I'ld tell you but then I'd have to put you to work) that makes it accessible by jumping on. I was so happy, I ripped down a bunch of rotten paneling. What better way to express joy? 

And here we are, the royal we; bread making ends (tomorrow the last day until next fall) and other projects begin. Who's on first?

Have a thromping good Thursday! Do something to talk about.


  1. I give names to certain beaches, like Blackletter Beach, where I read a letter a girl wrote me on black paper when she found out I was getting married (I didn't even know she liked me)
    I think Beach Moon Beach is a cool name for a beach.

  2. I think all of us who love beaches have named some of our favorite. But I will say, Blackletter Beach is a unique one, the name and the reason for it! I kind of like Beach Moon definitely gives me a picture in my head.

  3. I know what you mean about coming home. I'm working away from home, motel bed Monday, Tuesday ,Wednesday. Home bed Thursday, boat bed(my favorite)Friday, Saturday, home bed Sunday. When I get up at night in the dark I have to stop and think, "where am I?" before I walk into a wall where a door is supposed to be. I'm excited about your houseboat! Gonna be fun!

    1. Yeow! I had no idea your schedule was so crazy. When I used to travel a lot, my saying was 'home is knowing where the bathroom is' which is pretty much the avoidance of walking into walls...

      Yes, me too! Dirty work adventure, woot!