Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

I had a good walkabout yesterday, for no other reason than that I could. But it mainly started because I parked by Arte Fango and started thinking about how horrendous it will be if the proposed three story hotel goes in. I wandered down into the back and watched land crabs scurrying into their holes. I thought of all the fill that would be needed to have something solid to build on. I thought about the mangroves that would illegally have to be destroyed. It just seemed impossible that anyone would do this to such a lovely setting, for no other reason than greed. Development doesn't have to be a bad word, it just so often is associated with greed and lack of caring for the natural world, it has taken on a negative meaning for the most part. Sad.

When I was little, and not so little too, I always had a hiding place. Maybe it was being the third child, maybe I just liked hiding places. I'd find them or make them, some tiny, some comfortable, never elaborate, never far away, but more a bolt hole when there was no one there to send me for a time-out, I sent myself.

Drawn to books or art that portrays hiding places, I usually know one when I see one. Sometimes it is the most obvious thing, almost in plain sight, but invisible to most. Like Culebra.

 Good morning!

Have a touch of tender Tuesday. Do something tellingly.


  1. Three stories isn't bad. The buildings don't clear the treeline and you keep that island look. I think one of the biggest mistakes ever made here was changing it to seven stories, then nine. It changed the whole nature of the island.
    Sucks about destroying mangrove though.

  2. Mark, do you see the land there? It is all mangroves and basically swamp. The street in front is barely two lanes, with parking on the side. It's one way. The location, one story six stories is bad bad bad. It is, from the sidewalk to the water, maybe 100 feet. Maybe, as the water line is a bit indistinct.

    Yes, where I lived in Florida, after a few condo sites got bombed, they made a moratorium keeping it at two stories. A few slipped in, but basically it is still an area with a much lower profile than much of the coast. Amazing what a few booms do to developers...

  3. Island Woman MJ
    Thanks so much for posting the great pictures of Culebra. I spent a few months at anchor in Ensenada Honda last winter and really enjoy seeing your pictures sitting here at my desk back in the states. Helps my daydreaming!

  4. No! No no no! Not there, across the street from the layin' down mango tree. No! I love that spot, I walk past it almost everyday when we are on Culebra. We have Jorge's artwork on our boat. I wear his tee shirts (yours too). For eight years I've wanted to wander down there, but thought it was a private area. As Linus would say "Argh!"

  5. Anon, glad you enjoy the photos. If you bob and weave a bit, you can really pretend to be on your boat. Let your office mates wonder, it's good for them.

    Shawke, write letters or call. DRN, the Mayor, Fish & Wildlife. That's all I know to tell you. Yes, it is private but if you asked Jorge, I've no doubt he'd have been fine with that. Maybe it will be saved. Maybe it will be there the next time. Maybe I am a dreamer...but I'm not the only one.