Monday, April 23, 2012

Late Start, Hot Town

You know how sleep is often hinky when you aren't in your own bed. Or when the bed you are sleeping in has a few extra bodies in it, pleasant as they may be. But we finally all settled down and with the shutters closed, it was cool and lovely and the sun didn't see my face until it was well over the horizon. Sleeping in until almost 7 might not seem like much to some but I was thrilled.

With yesterday being the official Earth Day, I had all of these interesting posters from the Department of Agriculture I thought I was going to post, but I didn't. Now I will.

How do you like your soft drink now?!
The reasoning here is at once simple and complex and...scary. I think I'd either
never have sugar again orstart eating it by the handful after rationing...
I find amazing the self-sacrificial tone of so many of the 'from the top' encouragements during WWI and II. Not only were people encouraged to plant, grow, can and carefully consume their own food, but to eat less of certain foods that more could be turned over not only to our own troops, but to our allies as well. And the endorsements made so much sense! They are not only completely relevant to our world today, they are by-words for many causes going on currently. War not being among them, actually.

When did we stop sacrificing for wars anyway? And why? Is it because they don't call them wars much anymore? Or that we have planned distraction enough to ignore them, them as the actual war, them as the soldiers, them as the government who is really us? There sure is a lot of metal getting stolen. How does it happen that the food supply that feeds those in...ok, never mind. Yes, be glad you don't live in my head...this way you can just step away from the computer slowly before clicking it off.

Two pounds a month! Of course, back then, sugar wasn't in everything we purchased...hmmm
Don't waste it. What a concept!
I love this one; it has a lot of info, you can click to enlarge it.

When I started gardening, you could go to a county  Extension Office and get all sorts of free booklets, pamphlets and advice on everything from canning to building goat milk stands to raising bees. There were classes held as well. Why not have that happen again to help create jobs and help people find a way to help themselves? Classes in urban gardening, how to create a community garden...yes, the info is all out there but it's a harder row to hoe by yourself. So to speak. Pun intended.
I think I've posted this before but it's so great,  I have to post it again.
I'm patriotic as can be--And Monsanto's junk won't worry me!
Which just goes to show, you don't need to lose your style
when wearing overalls and a bandana and...a soldiers hat.
No brim included.
The British posters of both great wars seemed more urgent, scarier and a bit more exciting, more energetic than ours. Of course, having bombs dropped regularly on your neighborhood might have been a factor. Probably that.

I mean, who wouldn't get out of their way?
They are going to kick some serious recycling butt.
Paper Metal Bones. Sounds like a scary game. Oh yeah, it was real.
Oh yeah, it still is. Oops.
So get your ass out of the HOV lane and join a car-sharing  club!
This has so much potential that I believe
I will leave you to devise your own entertainment.
I think it comes down to, how real does something have to be before we take preventative actions that are clearly hovering on the have-to rather than choose-to wall? Maybe there is an aspect about how good your imagination is for cold, hunger, fear, survival. And maybe it's just more fun to go play. Plant a tomato plant anyway. You'll be glad you did!

Have a more than monotonous Monday! Do something like the Mambo.


  1. We should follow most of these still. I don't understand "progressing" to plastic bottles from refillable glass. And plaatic grocery bags from paper.

  2. It was 'modern'. It was 'time-saving.' Innovations with no thought for consequences as we've baa-baa'd along our way. But I did just think of something better than my gloom and doomed.

    Maybe some enterprising young science scholar could figure out a way to put a tracking device, light weight, on 20 plastic bags and see where they go...