Saturday, April 21, 2012

Some Culebra Colors

I'm up on the hill now, but as I was getting ready to leave, this sailboat and speedboat were each moving across the bay, one in a roaring froth of foaming white water, one in a gentle swath of white sail.

Up on the hill the world is different. Overviews really are viewed over, sounds rise up like smoke - voices and vehicles, roosters and dogs, from not just a neighbor or out on my street, but from ground up to my ears, a whole hillside of sound. Not quite a cacophony, but like aural tracers, my ears almost twitch looking for sources.

In the middle is a great playground that just got a fresh paint job. At water's edge is a house compound that also just got a fresh paint job. Nice work! Especially if you like purples and blues...and I do.

But I'll take corals too.

One of my chores up here is to keep the plants happy, something I really like to do. My usual goal is to get something wind blown and ragged to have at least one bloom by the time the home/pet people get back. It's really windy up here, a lot of the time and it's a tough environment for plants, but somehow, most of them hang on, year after year.  
This volunteer tomato out in the side yard is producing some of the best cherry tomatoes I've had for a while.

Frangipani over Vieques

It always takes me a day or so to adjust to being up here. Dogs, for one thing. They are not cats. 

They stood there, staring at a) cats b) the sound of dogs barking below c) the wind, and I could read their doggy minds. "If we didn't have these damn fence collars on, we'd be sooooooo on it!"

There is the cat (one of two) here that I fostered as a wee one, now grown up. There must be something about cats with definitive tail tips that makes them awesome cats. 

And now, down to the chicks, down to the Cat, down to the water's edge. It feels like Saturday.
Have a be special Saturday.    Do something searching that you find.


  1. I like your photos. I wish Cayman had some hills. I have to go on the roof!

  2. Growing up in Florida, I'm a great appreciator of hills! Hills and sea...what's better than that?

  3. Yonder kitty is a color clone of our Trixie, except for the white tail tip. Hers is black to match the rings. From Trixie's love of water, spotted markings and crazed behavior, we've decided she is a Bengal of 4th or 5th generation mix. Hope your foster child is as much fun for her family!

  4. Little Bit (re-named from Nicoli by Marsha when she took him over, because he truly was wee) is fun and sweet. The dog that thinks it is a cat plays with her all the time and they 'fight' like cats. Let me just say, if one comes back and it is possible that one might be a domesticated animal, being one in this family would be a fine thing. Fun is the word!